AWARENESS Consulting is available for Adults, Children and Teens,  individually, for groups over the phone or on-line.

a) Women-Empowerment: Reconnection with the Divine Feminine

b) Support for highly in-tune young people and teens and their caregivers

c) Leadership through Self-discovery for Executives and Business Leaders

d) Intuitive Relationship Consulting

e) WALK-IN / ET Contactee/Abductee Support 

              In times of change, the learners will inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.  –  Eric Hoffer (American Philosopher)

When a human being gets in contact with intelligence from beyond the 3-D reality the integration of the experiences themselves, as well as the detailed information obtained, during such encounters, more often than not massively impact the life the experiencer had before the event.

In my case, when I experienced a soul-essence exchange at age 33, as 7-D soul aspect of myself traded places with the 3-D aspect, brought many challenges with it.

It took years to integrate this new, higher awareness in my daily 3-D life. During this integration process it was key to transcend the logical mind and develop the skill to develop the faith, in the information and guides, received telepathically by my Andromedan friends.

While society at large might still be vehemently denying the existence of life beyond this Earth, the “Leaners” are able to see beyond the obvious and have the courage to trust in their unique experiencers, regardless of the critique and consequences put upon them by society.

I am committed to support those in need of guidance, as I am committed to do my part to bring about “Disclosure”.


Sensitivity Training

The human body is ‘receiver/transmitter’  through which the disembodied aspects of SELF communicate and seek self-expression.  Our current physical reality is a reflection of our current awareness level.

Our Beliefs and  our subconscious patterns are what makes us tick on a deep level.

What’s visible on the outside in our lives = what’s going on on the inside.

New understanding about what makes us tick on the inside, allows us to expand our awareness and tune into new possibilities, enabling us to create a new outside reality.

To again new insights into our inner workings, we must learn to go beyond the conditioned mind’s chatter and learn to become sensitive to the our unique frequency.

All human beings have a unique vibrational signature vibration. When we are fully in tune with our UNIQUENESS and learn to express from our inner wisdom, all can be healed and transformed, easily and seemingly effortlessly – miraculously. (miracles are only called that, until we have become aware of the laws governing them)

Inner Spiritual Architecture Coaching:

Provides you with insights into your inner/non-visible software.

Helps increase awareness about limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs, inner programs and  facilitates the adoption of empowering habits.

It enables you to activate new aspects of your unique blueprint, easing the paradigm shift, and tunes you into new possibilities, leading to new desired outcomes.

Intuitive Communication Training:

Human Beings often don’t even make complete use of our  5 physical senses, not to mention our spiritual senses. Intuition is the way we access those non-physical sense capabilities.

Our non visible energetic bodies impact, however, our physicality.  –

Therefore it is important to open ourselves to gain understanding about how these different layers of SELF communicate with us, and how to utilize our subtle senses to attain a ‘bigger, cosmic picture’ of SELF and what role this SELF is playing in the bigger cosmic picture.

You will learn about the your energetic centers and how the human Chakra-System works, their functionality is showing up in your daily life, and where healing and attention is needed.

You will become in-tune with your psychic abilities and how to interpret and utilized them to make decisions in the physical world.

You will discover your innate strength and unique way, in which your inner “hard drive/soul” communicates with you.

You’ll recognize your extra-sensory system,  or non-physical sense perceptions,  Clairvoyance, Clair-audience, Clair-sentience, Telepathy as vital tools, designed to assist you in your daily life as physical form.

Conscious Language & Communication Training:

Pain is always a reflection of interrupted, non-satisfactory communication within self and/or outside yourself. This might be interruptions of communication between people, cells, subatomic particles.

Much like an interrupted telephone line, prevents verbal communication, lack of awareness and/or misinterpretation of the language of our inner SOUL/HARD-DRIVE leads to confusion/malfunction/dysfunction on the visible 3D-Level.

Since the universal creator force is “always listening in on “our internal dialog,  believes and thoughts, they automatically translate into very specific language and behaviour patterns.  Some we might be aware of, other we might be totally unaware of.

What is verbally expressed, literally manifests in our life as our reality. Especially, when we act congruently with our words. – Hence our words literally create reality. Therefore, conscious language development is another tool, which can be of great value, when you desire, to transform your currently reality.

Feelings = the language of the SOUL/Inner hard-drive

You will learn how everything expressed leaves a bio-chemical impression in all levels of our BEINGNESS, as well as the rest of creation.

You gain insights about  the significance of only emitting  loved-based signals and communications.

You will learn to recognize and trust your extra-sensory inputs. You develop the faith and courage to voice speak about them  constructively on this 3D plane, to bring about a specific, desired outcome.