Copyright©2010 Hildegard Gmeiner

Awestruck by his perfection
Magical smell of his breath
Dark Blue Ocean’s of his eyes
Oh, the fright and panic when he cries

Upside down and backwards
He came into my life
No instruction manual, no one there to advise
Pushed onward by his smiles and glowing eyes

Plagued by feelings of
“I am not good enough”
I just did the best I could
Nursed, diapered, fed, sang lullabies

Patched legs and trousers
Cooked, baked, made lunches
Sometimes guided by nothing else
But intuitive hunches

Much coaching, training I did receive
Useless once I did conceive
I could have done without
How to write in shorter hand
Or how does a beam of light get bend

Nowhere was I taught how to love self
To trust and nurture, where needed it was most
Where I was to be challenged full on out
I did really know nothing about

Motherhood, the most important one of jobs
There was no software manual from Stephen Jobs
Society does value not
Not considered equally important to a professional career
Though I might inspire, guide or twist the head
Of precious human children, set switches for their life ahead

Often women feel they ought to surrender
The task to someone else, a major mind bender
For they are told there are more important issues in need of addressing
Could it be, there is something we are suppressing
Hey who’s to argued with the standards of our society
Especially when other things come with more notoriety

Still there are women, who have been “IT”
For thousands of years
Loving, giving unconditionally
To husbands, kids, colleagues and also peers
Working hard to overcome their fears
For in this day and age
Whether raising children, go to work
Regardless, you might lose your face

Trying then to please them all
Tears flow like a waterfall
Illness, divorce and financial strive
Tough years of trying to just survive
Give the best and all you have
Until one day you’re lying in the grave

Never did you speak your mind
All the things you would do when you retire
Then would tend the homeward fire
Heart attack at thirty three
Never done the things, which were to have set you free

Hence it’s time to acknowledge those
Who have been through all these vows
They fed cows, build cars and did fly planes
Cleaning houses, window panes
Grew the food for many a mouth
Did what’s needed in –  and outside the house

Many a world leader still to come
Needs the care of a loving Mom
Requires much guidance and advice
Who better to inspire and educate
Take good care of our planet’s fade

So one day the world will be one again
Nursing your children will no longer bring you shame
Fear of not being good enough
Yet respect and appreciation for a job well done
Will be on your epitaph

May all women embrace the gift of a nurturing life again
Feeling happy, fulfilled all the same
From the little ones take guidance
They came to assist on your earthly mission
Heaven’s teachers, without suspicion
Teaching you to face yourself
Did you know, kids are your magic elves

Guiding us back to the light
Where once was nothing but strive and plight
We see life now all anew
A road filled with lessons through which we grew
Realizing we are one with all
Finally forgetting the story of the human fall

Life on Earth was meant to be
Lush, abundant, bound by love
All creatures, human, insects, beast
Partaking in this magic feast
Experiences in the physical form
Humans living life beyond the norm

Mothers living guided from their light within
All humans sharing, divine gifts and talents, never before seen
Oneness, peace and harmony
Each soul setting itself, ultimately free
This truly is this mother’s dream