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You are seeking to make sense of your paranormal experiences and/or you are a curious Seeker?

 JOIN me and many other amazing EXPERIENCERS / CONTACTEES  

on   22nd & 23rd October 2016 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. (PST)

who will be sharing their experiences from “beyond this world”

I  will be speaking about my ‘Walk-In’ experience in my lecture on “Mastering My/Our Universe”.

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I look forward to having you with us.

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CONTACTEE-CONTACTER RE-UNION Portal To Ascension Online Webinar OCT 22 & 23, 2016, 11 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.  (PST)

$55 for both days; tickets at

Contactees may get technology, mental upleveling, implants, information and even hybrid children to help Earth and its inhabitants survive, thrive and ascend to living love, ecological consciousness and harmlessness. This webinar may guide you, as you listen (and perhaps choose to interact online) to your own latent memories and to reunion with your galactic family.

In “Contactee-Contacter Re-Union” you see slides and hear intimate details of how our presenters encounter extraterrestrials, get instruction aboard anti-gravity craft, travel though time, space and dimensions. Our experiencers share the spiritual awakenings and memories of their encounters with nonhuman and advanced human intelligences in their own homes, in spacecraft, other planets and underground facilities. Presenters share what they saw, felt and learned during past, simultaneous and future lives, near death experiences, visions, automatic writing dictation, astral travel and even in facilities of our own military. We share techniques to remember, expand and initiate contact with beings beyond everyday material reality.

Anthropologist Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. and Aquarian Radio CEO Janet Kira Lessin interview eight experiencers and walk-ins who have full recall and researchers who trace the movement of contacts from fearful to fulfilling. Top hypnotherapists share techniques that may well stir your own resonant recall.

In one presentation, entitled “Get More From Nonhuman & Nonmaterial Experiences” Dr.Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin share techniques to recognize, accept, center yourself and benefit from extraterrestrial, interdimensional and other non-ordinary experiences.

The Lessin system explores a part of you that says “yes” to contact with nonhuman and nonmaterial minds that can heal, smarten and teach you and humanity to better your life, lessen suffering, and facilitate peace, justice and synergy on Earth.

Janet shows slides that illustrate her experiences. You too, she says, can frame your contacts as a HERO JOURNEY out of ordinary life, into the nonordinary and back to the ordinary with gifts to humanity.

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