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I grew up on a farm in Germany and had the good fortune to hide out in tall summer grasses, climb trees, listen to the breeze and connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sky in very profound ways.

Some might say, I could literally hear the grass grow. The trees talked to me, and I felt the feelings of the animals around me. The clouds were like actors in a theatrical play and the wind was like music to me ears.

Yet my sensitivity appeared to be more of a hindrance than a benefit in those days. I realized at some point the the insights I was gaining via my non-physical sense-perceptions, were neither shared, nor appreciated by the people around me; and negative consequences would result from my sharing my inner knowing, from speaking my truth. So I over time was conditioned to ignore my feelings. I “toughened up”, as I had been told so many times by the responsible adults in my life.

From that on forth I aimed to fit in and be like others wanted me to be.  I allowed societal conditioning to shape me into someone I really was not.

My TRUE SELF stayed hidden away and life was a challenge all through school, teenage years and young adulthood.  The need to belong and have people like and approve of me had me live a life of quiet desperation. 
I ignored my extra-sensory perceptions/my inner voice and my intuitive inner guidance system until I was 33 years old. That’s when my seemingly perfect middle-class life came crashing down like a house of cards.

Rapid unintended weight loss and ongoing fainting episodes were my SOUL’s way of getting my attention. – What some might call “a midlife crisis”, is in my eyes a “Spiritual Awakening”. And all is part of the great cosmic plan and design, in which each of us has a very important role to play, if we than ever awaken to our true SELF and purpose for being on this planet in the first place.

During the Mid 1990s Western medicine, could neither diagnose nor treat what was happening to my physical body. Western Medicine had no answers for the cause of the breakdown of my physiology, nor would their medications help me.

Faced with an expert prognosis of the next fainting incident possibly being accompanied by a deadly heart attack, I had nowhere else to look for answers but WITHIN.

As a mother of 3 little boys under the age of 6 at the time, I was determined to see my children graduate from grade school, high school and university. I was desperately looking for answers, which lead me to listen to my inner, intuitive voice once again, which I had ignored for over 28 years.

Fast-forward to today, I have four wonderful grown children, and I am healthier than I ever dared to believe possible, during those very challenging years of my early thirties.

I attribute this recovery to me developing trust in my inner guidance system once again. By following the recommendation of my inner voice, I over time developed the skills to consciously create my reality anew. I became clear to me that I am at the center of my very own unique universe, in which I am solely responsible for all that’s is going on it this my life. – It furthermore became apparent, that self-knowledge is the key to health, vitality and ultimately true happiness.

Denial of my true SELF and my illusionary ego perception of seeing myself as separate from creation, rather than recognizing my being an integral part, a cell of a greater cosmic intelligence, was the root cause of much distress during the first 30 years of this Earthy incarnation.

What I once believed to be nothing but my personal theory, lateran proofed to be the natural consequences of my increased ability to understand and willingness to operate in, and make decisions based on Universal Laws; Laws which I for many decades had know knowledge of and had not been educated about.

My willingness to look within and learn about what makes a human “really tick” enabled me to distinguish between my conditioned mind chatter and the gems whispered to me by a consciousness from beyond the physical world. Once I realized “Sensitivity” is a must, if one once to attain knowledge from beyond our five physical-sensory perceptions.

Human beings have the ability to listen to their soul-essence subtle whisperings. It’s up to each of us to decide, if we want to develop the FAITH to act upon its guidance. – Those who do are the living proof to me that each Human Being can choose to be the Master of Her/His own Destiny.

However, it’s an individual choice to travel down this path, to develop the courage to follow our Inner Heart’s Guidance and to overcome the habitual conditioning of our past.

Yes I do hear voices, and Yes it’s the Gift of Clair-audience. (not a disease).

We must be very careful not to judge, what we have no knowledge about. – It’s each individual’s responsible to decided with the assistance of your heart centre what’s true for you and than create her/his life accordingly.

I also see things beyond what the physical eyes can see. I am clairvoyant. (and yes young children see things, adults filter out and easily dismiss. Please be mindful the next time your child/grandchild shares her experiences about invisible friends, monsters in closets or the like.)

Unfortunately, these aspects of our true nature are oftentimes labeled as disease due to limited awareness about we believe it means to be a human being. In fact, it’s my understanding physically illness at its root, is the result of a life lived in ignorance of our innate guidance system.

Many truths about what makes a human tick and how the Universe and Universal Laws impact on each and every one of us, are not yet widely known or common knowledge. As Planet Earth is increasingly influenced by cosmic radiations aligned with Era of Aquarius, consciousnesses is going to rapidly evolve and SELF-DISCOVERY and SELF-ACTULALIZATION will become of growing interest to many.

Every human being does the best s/he can with the awareness and the knowledge s/he has. The more time a person spends on getting to know SELF, all knowledge and the wisdom of the Universe will unfold for her/him in due time.

As the saying goes; “Know Thyself and all the Knowledge of the Universe will be given on to you.”

The more I am learning about myself as a “Cosmic Being”, a non-local field of information, an energy, simultaneously existing in different dimensional realities, of which only a tiny part is materialized in my current physical, 3-D- body; the more fun and interesting my life is becoming. – I envision the same for you.

Consequently it has become my passion to share what I have been learning about living aligned with, and guided by my “True Nature” with all, who desire living a truly self-expressed and deeply soul-satisfying life.

Feel free to take a listen to an interview I gave about my theories on “That Channel”.

If you resonate with what you have learned so far, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to being given the opportunity to be of service to you.

Much Love & Light,