You are a beacon of light and truth. I feel grateful and blessed to connect with you and be guided by your insights and wisdom. The analogies you gave me helped make your advise very clear.  The way you presented all your suggestions and advice really resonated and integrated into my heart vs. just knowing it intellectually in my mind so thank you, thank you, thank you!


Wendy Di Bella, Phoenix, AZ / USA


I’ve had a great week, I applied some of the concepts we spoke about this week and it was fantastic. I stayed inside my vortex, kept my thoughts very positive and closed 2 new clients. I am still pursuing that client we spoke about but I made a great offer and just waiting for a response.
I will keep you posted I would like to talk soon but I think I will keep applying these concepts and see how things progress.

Thanks again. Talk soon.

Brandon Moore, Toronto, ON

As an old friend going back to my university time in  Würzburg (Germany), where Hildegard studied languages in those days, I have only excellent and splendid comments to make:

Hildegard is an open-minded, sensitive, emphatic, highly talented person and mother of four, who has great passion and commitment for bringing about solutions in crisis situations by utilizing unconventional approaches to communication.

She has the unique ability; to facilitate the process of awakening an individual consciousness to potentially new ways of escaping scenarios, which once were believed to be dead-ends.

Her methodology is especially useful in light of the dominant adherence to rational, object-focused, three-dimensional thought and behavior patterns, which notably show up as stress in our daily lives, provoked by what appears to be an escalating global crisis.

Hildegard represents a fundamentally pleasant and likable authenticity, which nowadays is becoming increasing rare.  She has the ability to approach specific, individual and social conflict structures in a gentle manner.  During the exploration processes, Hildegard, intuitively tunes into the depths of a sensorium of patterning, which in their analysis lead to surprising fundamental insights, as well as to considerably enlightening experiences.

In this way, Hildegard is offering new perspectives to a wide spectrum of dilemmas, experienced in this postmodern life. She is drawing, among other things, also on personal experiences and crises mastered along her own journey. Her approach finds its roots in her holistic view of cosmic/universal inter-connectivity of all that “IS” and finds its grounding, so to speak, in Anthropological Universality, as well as Hermetical Unity.

This, on principle, underlines her holistic concepts of natural healing, going beyond psychological-philosophical criteria, which is emphasized by a New Level of Spirituality (that of the Age of Aquarius):Tat tvam asi (Sanskrit) – That Is You yourself! This might be a way to describe the Archetypal Space, in which a new way of finding self in an infinitely deepening discovery of self and the world(s) becomes possible.

Hildegard’s personal-therapeutic conversation and accompaniment and her ever so loving nature of encouragement, creates an opening for soul-felt happiness, which is difficult to describe.

In other words: Here is a woman, who has something essential to say and to contribute, during this fateful world hour. Now and then she will speak on TV or in prosaic prose publications, via email or through lectures, but sometimes also simply in poetic form.

Hildegard belongs to those creative spirits, who as such, are becoming increasingly important for humankind, for they are calling into the darkness marking possible new ways.

If we are finding ourselves, at the beginning of the 3rd post-Christian millennium, during this current epoch of life, midst a landscape of massive self-confusion, and if we are searching for something like a Lighthouse of the Human Spirit, then we should not pass by Hildegard Gmeiner, nor should we ignore what she has to say.

Dr. phil. Josef Döbber

Dipl.-Pedagoge,Vice-Principal, a.D.