Happiness or Misery – My Choice & My Responsibility

 Happiness or Misery

My Choice & My Responsibility

Copyright©2013 Hildegard von Boötes

          What if we human beings have the potential to be geniuses? Could it be most of us forgot how to access to our inner genius wisdom? This might be the game changer for our life individually, as well as collectively?

Experts claim individuals like Albert Einstein apparently accessed less then ten per cent of their brain and yet nowadays we think of him as a genius.  During his early years his contemporaries judged Einstein and critiqued him as a hopeless dreamer, still he did what felt right to him and today there is no denying Einstein’s inner genius made a significant contribution to humanity.

The question is, was it his brain and/or his heart/or his ability to utilize both which saw him through his challenges? How do ordinary people end up doing extra-ordinary things and living extra-ordinary lives, and some even ending up being mentioned in the history books? Were they just lucky?

I believe luck and miracles can be explained. I don’t believe in luck. Instead I believe that each and every one of us has a choice to create our own. We are co-creators utilizing universal laws all the time.  Properly some people are more conscious of this fact than others. Nevertheless, regardless of our unique level of awareness, universal laws always bring about specific outcomes, even if we are completely ignorant of those laws.

When the outcomes aren’t pleasing, our tendency is to complain and lament. We are generally quick to blame others for non-satisfactory outcomes.  We make excuses, rather than have a look inside and question ourselves.

Self-examination and exploration must be the most difficult thing for us humans to do. If we truly are committed to living a deeply satisfying life, this step, however, is an absolute MUST.  By taking one hundred per cent responsibility for what is then becomes the key to transforming the status quo.

Regardless of how ignorant one might be, life has a way of awakening us, when we are stuck in denial longer than our soul’s timing has tolerance for. We will then be pushed to learn what makes us tick the hard way. Outer circumstances generally no longer allow us to live in delusion. The illusionary castles in the clouds come down, harsh realties will have to be faced and consequences of past unconscious decisions must be fully experienced.

Blaming others in particular during times, when illusionary soap bubbles explode, prevents us from accessing new insights needed for immediate survival, healing and growing in conscious awareness.  While ignorance might be bliss for a while, generally speaking what we don’t know, or refuse to see, does ultimately end up hurting us anyway.  Therefore it makes good sense to every now and then sit back and question self, and to spend some time, in self-reflection.

Successful individuals very consciously create the circumstances they want to experience. They have a vision; they align their words and action with it and manifest that reality. Some might be fully aware of the laws, while others might unconsciously be following the modeling of a role model they might have had.

Less successful people have a belief system that they have to wait for the ideal people or circumstance to show up, before they take any action whatsoever. In the meantime they continue to do what they have always done, expecting different results.

This is the definition of insanity, doing the same things over and over again, yet having the expectation to attain different results.

I have been there. I did that and hence I know very well what it feels like to be stuck in this particular mental headspace. Once we can embrace the three following concepts, there is a way out of this self-sabotaging mindset.

1. All is energy and we can freely choose to resonate in thought patterns of fear or embrace those of love.

2. We are co-creators within a universal construct, in which everything is subject to cosmic laws, and within which everything is in constant motion.

3. Accepting to view the physical aspects of ourselves as a receiver and transmitter of energetic wave patterns, the vibration of which draws to us what we believe are worthy of receiving.

Therefore when we look at our current life circumstance we can accept it as a true reflection of what we are currently believing to be worthy of experiencing. The key to happiness and to a truly fulfilled life, in my experience is found in us allowing our inner heart’s desire to manifest.

Yet, if we have our head continuously limit and dominate our heart’s wisdom, unhappiness is always guaranteed and, thankfully the reverse is true also. It’s not up to the head to find answers for our concerns, even though we might have been programmed to believe that.  We are to learn the language of the heart and develop the courage to act on its guidance.

Our heart directs the head and the language of our heart-soul communicates with us through our feelings. The more sensitive we are to perceiving the subtle messages from within through our feelings, the easier it is to define what true happiness means for us on our life’s path.

Our feelings provide us with the clues, to discover our innermost passion. And again our passion becomes the fuel, which in turn then drives our every action.  My passion for nurturing my children, kept me going, when all the chips were down, and all logic and common sense wanted me to give up. It’s my passion for supporting the light within others, which pushes me now to write and share what I have learned, considering my children are well on their way, following their passions.

Every inventor is driven by a passion for something. There was a deep inner knowing; a stirring and a grant desire to have this something take shape and form. That passion and the enthusiasm then are flowing out of the individual’s heart and generally seeks expression through language. Others get inspired and over time a team of like-minded people share and combine their talents. Out of those collaborations new innovations are born and whole industries grow. In fact, our entire economic and social structures evolved, because passionate individuals pushed on to manifest what initially had been nothing but a an idea, which stirred someone’s heart.

Living one’s passion and utilizing one’s inner genius, however, isn’t always a guarantee for health, abundance and happy relationships.  It depends very much on how we manage to balance all that we value and matters to us. Most importantly it also depends on how successfully we are communicating with those around us and enroll them in our passion and vision for the future; in particular with those, dearest to our heart.  We all need someone to unconditionally love and accept us, as well as our visions for a future, yet to be manifested. Therefore to truly love someone unconditionally means, allowing the beloved to develop her/his inner soul passion, everything else, in my opinion is co-dependence.

Happiness, success and an overall deeply satisfying life can indeed be ours. Those words have different meaning for different people and each of us has to define them for ourselves. And yes, happiness is a choice, and some say even irrespective of outer conditions and circumstances.  It’s a way of being on the inside, inside of our heart and it’s also a state of mind, once it has been taught by the heart. For me, happiness is the choice to fully express and make manifest the passions of my soul. I am grateful for this choice and yet no one can force us to make it, for we all have free will. An equally valid choice would be, of course, blaming God and the world around us for being stuck in misery.