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Multi-Dimensional Human

Many people, such as myself might have been raised to believe a human being is limited to a physical body.  Therefore, we are all separate from the person next to us.

Well if that’s part of your conditioning,  it might be time to shake it up a bit.

In my decades of operating a physical body, I learned the body, without the proper animation from the invisible world, is nothing but a piece of closing, which we drop when it’s no longer needed.

Therefore I concluded: The Human Being is –

A) the body/vessel or call it a container

What animates and, as a matter of fact, has created it, is


While the physical body has 5 physical senses through which is makes note of the environment around it, the invisible/spiritual body also has organs feedback tools, our intuitive extra-sensory perceptions, driving by the SOUL-Essence.

These subtle tools permit us to “tune-in”, “turn-on” and open channels and communications systems within ourselves, with which we can draw insights and wisdom from beyond, what has been so far believed to be the outer reaches of our galaxy. These are the regions, when accessed, and the guidances taken and apply, bring about incredible healing and transformation to all human systems, including the physicality.

If  one allows next for the possibility that there is, indeed, “Divine Design”  a work in the Universe and is comfortable entertaining the notion of there even being intelligent life beyond Earth, within OMNIVERSES – all of which a human being can choose to interact with – the term MULTI-DIMENSIONAL HUMAN might not be too far fetch at all.

This is the spot where a lot of information on this topic will appear in the near future.