Hallo and Welcome!!! Thank you for stopping by the  “HIRE AWARENESS” website.

My name is Hildegard.

I am an Inspirational Speaker, Writer & Intuitive Awareness & Wellness Consultant.

I created HIRE AWARENESS  because it is my mission to share my cosmic knowledge and awareness about  how ‘Universal Law’ impacts on our life on a minute to minute basis.

To me  a Human ‘BEING’  is a non-local field of information. We are NOT matter. We are NOT our body.  We are CONSCIOUSNESS temporarily housed in a physical garment, the physical body.

Once I was able to revise my perceptions of what it was to BE a HUMAN BEING, I learned the necessary steps to transform a life of strive, hardship and impossibility into one of peace, joy, harmony and possibility.

Lack of awareness about how universal laws impact all of our lives on a second by second basis, caused pain, loss, frustration in my life.

Consciously utilizing the Universal Laws brings about Healing, Ease, Peace and Flow. This realization has been helping me to embrace, rather unconsciously fight against, my TRUE NATURE.

Some of you expressed deep gratitude and said my sharing my intuitive gifts and insights made a difference. – You confirmed I had a natural talent to “tune in”.

You said, my clairaudiant and clairvoyant insights helped you gain new perspectives on your current life circumstance.

Your encouragement then led me to create a website, so I can reach you to a wider audience.

I thank all of those, who gave me feedback. It made me realize, every person has somethings to share, another can benefit from; hence,  it’s time to follow my passion and soul’s calling.

Here, on this webiste you will soon find information about my Philosophies,  Vision & Mission, Services. You can read some of my Writing and Poetry, learn about where I will speak next and when the next event will take place and how to get involved.

I will also add some links, which you might find helpful along your path of Self-Discovery and Self-Actualization.

WHAT is the big deal about Awakening to to your TRUE SELF and learning to following your HEART, rather than being pushed around by your head/conditioned mind? Is it truly important to consciously begin to walk on the path to Self-Discovery and Self-Actualization?


Life was never supposed to be a struggle – deep soul-felt happiness can only be created by knowing SELF.

Lack of SELF-KNOWLEDGE = Pain, Discomfort & Non-Satisfactory Life Circumstances


Many people experience day-to-day life is currently appearing to be faster than ever before in history. While there used to be certain frames of references,  which used to contribute a sense of belonging and security, those perceptions are currently becoming increasingly more fluid.

I believe this is happening because planet Earth and all life on it, is under the influence of ever increasing cosmic rays, accelerating our DNA, and forcing all life to align themselves on all levels with Universal Law. Astronomers, Astrologers, Numerologists, Mystics and Shamans alike state Earth’s alignment with the Galactic Center bring with it inherent shifts in cosmic vibrations, impacting human consciousness and perceptions of life. Low-resonant vibrations of the Piscian Age are giving way to higher-frequencies of Love & Light. We are pushed therefore, to let go of old, subconscious fear-based  beliefs and behaviour patterns, which are deeply rooted in the age-old illusion of  separateness.  – All of humanity is pushed to embrace the Cosmic Reality of  ONENESS. 

The various Avatar, religious leaders and philosophical deep thinkers did their very best for eons past to facilitate humanity awaking, with the end goal of bringing about Unity Consciousness; a requisite to the realization of our vibrational interconnectedness with the Greater Cosmos Reality.  – The Almighty Emanating FORCE of LOVE & LIGHT – We are to attain awareness about the self-regulating aspects of this ‘ocean of consciousness’, which binds us all, and constantly in communication with us.

Now is the time for those universal lesson to be learned. – Old paradigms and illusionary constructs are increasingly faster falling by the wayside.

The issues and challenges at hand, are in need of being viewed from a different perspective,  and Intuitive Awareness Consulting Hire Awareness and new perspectives.  – It’s by asking new questions that new insights can be attained.

It’s time for a Reality Check…it’s going to be my privilege to be your guide as you consciously design the reality you truly desire.


Aquarian Era – Vibrational Focal Point Shift

Ancient teachings suggest the ‘9th Wave of Consciousness’ is being ushered in ever so slowly since 1945. Planet Earth is about 63 years into the 1st degree of the ‘Era of Aquarius’. (there are about 73 years to 1 degree of the Zodiac)

The Aquarian energies demand that we attune our individual vibrations accordingly. That means we are pushed to look at and question ‘tradition, ‘belief structures’ and habituated ‘ways of being’. Surely we have free will and some can avoid this process longer than others.  Yet for those who desire true soul-felt joy, happiness and complete SELF-EXPRESSION and SELF-ACTUALIZATION the path of Self-Discovery becomes a MUST.

During the ‘Era of Pisces’ (approximately the past 2100 years),  the motto had been ‘follow the leader’ and leaders dominated, controlled and ‘guided’ their subjects, the masses. Some claimed higher powers had put them in charge, or they simply had been born to privilege by birth. –  This era was that of ‘Separation’, ‘Control’ and ‘Domination’.

With the Aquarian vibrations increasingly strengthening, we are entering an era of  ‘Self-Knowledge’,  ‘Personal Responsibility’  and ‘Collective Global Responsibility & Accountability’.

We are challenged to learn listening inward, and develop faith in our Inner Wisdom & our unique inner Guidance System. Knowing what ‘Inner Software’ you are running on makes all the difference.

It’s now all about “Inner Awakening”, tuning into the aspects of Self, which animate the physical visible world, to which we have been conditioned to limit ourselves.

Fact, however, is, we are not physicality only, yet a field of cosmic vibrations, which we can learn to consciously employ to our benefit, as well as that of all creation.

That’s what we at HIRE AWARENESS INC. are here to assist you with!


As with any renovation project – updating our ‘Inner Software’ consciousness also stirs up dust and is bound to make us uncomfortable, as individuals, as well as a collective.

Old beliefs, thought and behaviour patterns are shaken up and demand to be transformed. They must be brought in alignment with the  ‘Aquarian’ vibrations, and all of our actions must be congruent with our inner most values.

One individual might have this shift show up as challenges in their profession/career.

For another there might be physical illness, or in a personal relationship.

Yet another might have finances causing pain.

Whatever the issue, pain is always indicative of us resisting our Natural State.

PAIN  = I define pain, as telltales for where attention needs to go.

It indicates, where we are out of alignment with our personal and unique ‘Signature Vibration’  our  “NATURAL STATE”.

No matter what the issue might be, before transformation can happen, a new perspective – new awareness – about the issue is needed. –

“A problem can never be solved on the level on which it is occurring.  One needs to view it from a different perspective.” – Albert Einstein

That’s why I call my business HIRE AWARENESS.  – It’s a play on the word higher, suggesting that you can indeed “hire” someone else’s  awareness to gain new insights, in order to transform certain aspects of your life, if they are not to your satisfaction at the moment.


I get intuitive, clairvoyant and clairvoyant insights, which usually make no logical sense to me, yet generally are of benefit to my clients. Recognition of subconscious patterning provides new insights and  tools, which you then can use, to go beyond the limitations of the already experienced, non-pleasing reality.  – I facilitate awareness about habitual patterns of thinking, speaking and acting, which once recognized empowers new actions, leading to the new desired outcomes.

If you are suffering from a deep soul sadness and feel dissatisfied with certain aspects of your current life experience, feel free to reach out to me.

If you are stressed out by life – consider contacting me to gain a different perspective on by whose rules you are doing life. Gain insights into how to ‘tune into’ the peace of your True Self.

If you are longing to be happy for no reason, and to be completely self-expressed, every moment of your day, only doing the things which make your soul sing, please contact me also.

If you have feedback, suggestions, comments or just want to say “HI” … I would love that, too. Either way, I look forward to connecting with you. –

I am here to support those who desire to embark on the quest of self-exploration. Courageously questioning self, old beliefs, thoughts, language, old choice mechanisms and behavior patterns, with the intention to actualize and manifest her/his TRUE SELF.

We are all creating our lives based on our current level of Awareness. – There is no right or wrong – only pleasing or dissatisfying outcomes.

The Universe and hence everything in it is in constant movement. –  Therefore growing in awareness and constant transformation is a an absolute MUST.

Stagnation and resistance to the natural flow of the cosmic energy, of which we are an integrated part, naturally has illness and decay as a natural consequence. –

Pain, in the physical body, in our relationships, financially, sociologically, as well as ecologically, individually, as well as collectively, is a direct result of our resistance to our ‘Natural State’ of being.

Unsatisfactory life situations are signaling where New Awareness and New Perspectives are needed to transform the status-quot.

I intuitively provide new Levels of Awareness, Insights, as well as Tools, which can assist you to become conscious of and then consciously utilize your inner guidance system to bring about your desired outcomes.



Understanding our inner make-up and our “Human Software” is crucial for personal overall success in life. Yet, while we get education on a wide variety of things of the many years of schooling, university education, job related training, where did you learn about what makes you tick? What programs ‘your hardware'(your physical body) is running on? Your inner decision making processes and how to consciously instruct and redirect them?

I had not formal training about these matters, yet coming close to death during my early thirties, pushed me to humbly asked for guidance out of complete desperation?

Ask and you shall be given – and given I was – from deep within my TRUE SELF.

I perceive the Human Being is an Energetic Force Field; an integral part of the Cosmos and it’s self-regulating Cosmic Laws. This enables me to tune into self-sabotaging behavior patterns and choice mechanisms, currently hidden from your view.

Miss-perception or even ignorance of that ancient truth is currently causing much suffering to individuals, as well as to the collective.

The “Aquarian Era” is now demanding alignment with the Cosmic Laws and the vibrations of LOVE & LIGHT.

Aquarian Consciousness acknowledges the ONENESS of all Creation.

It demands from us learning to take one hundred per cent responsibility for our actions, and to align all our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions with UNIVERSAL LAWS.

Hence misaligned past action shows up in the daily news cycles as scandals, betrayals, and frauds. Divorces, business betrayal, illness and upsets in general, are signaling to us, where we have to bring about an inner course correction.

As above so below….as without…so within! – Are you ready to live life from the Inside Out???

The time has come to rediscover living guided by our inner LOVE & LIGHT, rather than building illusionary three-dimensional facades, which are misaligned with who we are and dissonant with universal laws.

Lack of Awareness and Ignorance of Cosmic Laws has brought about unsustainable creations. Now is the time to transform them.

Long-term sustainability demands Cosmic Awareness –         (Hildegard Gmeiner)

Who are we? – Why are we on this planet? – How can we, by being true to ourselves fulfill the mission we came here to fulfill? –

What some consider as a current ‘crisis’ is a blessing in disguise to me.

It forces us to question self. It humbles us to become students of the “Invisible SELF” …. which is our True Nature… Then, when the “Student” is ready and open to learn, new ‘Teachers’ in many different shapes and sizes appear on the ‘awakening’ being’s path. – Synchronicity is the universe telling us, we are on the ‘right track’.

Chances are you landed on my webpage because your soul has chosen to make me a part of your next step…

It will be my pleasure to support you on your path of Self-Discovery and Self-Actualization. Developing Intuitive Awareness within yourself, in my opinion, is to key to a joyful and completely self-actualized life on this planet.  I look forward to be of service to you.

With Gratitude, Peace,  Love & Light,

Hildegard Gmeiner